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Other publications
  • 2022 March - info LACCEI  

    LACCEI (LACCEI Inc, 2022-03) The portfolio of services offered by LACCEI continues to expand. We are now launching the AXCES Digital Library ( where the proceedings of the conferences, bulletins, and the quarterly magazine ...
  • 2022 January - info LACCEI 

    LACCEI (LACCEI Inc., 2022-01)
    WELCOME, PRESIDENT OF LACCEI 2022. As of January 1, Dr. Laura Eugenia Romero Robles began her term as president of LACCEI 2022. Her academic training is in Cement Chemistry Specialties and cementitious materials and ...
  • 2021 September - info LACCEI 

    LACCEI (LACCEI Inc., 2021-12)
    Call for paper - Multiconference LACCEI 2022. Boca Raton - USA
  • 2021 November - info LACCEI 

    LACCEI (LACCEI Inc., 2021-11)
    LEIRD 2021 is a first-level multidisciplinary event in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development. We are providing a stage to present and discuss innovations and latest trends, as well as challenges and proposed ...
  • “Herramientas digitales para el emprendimiento peruano ante una transformación digital intensificada por el Covid-19” 

    Ticse-Villanueva, Edwing; Valdivia-Llerena, Cesar; Ugarte-Concha, Roxana; Briceño-Peñafiel, Johanna; Ortiz-Salazar, José Ignacio; Neyra-Paredes, Kelly (LACCEI Inc., 2021-12)
    El mundo actualmente se está enfrentando a una revolución digital en donde todos los sectores se están adaptando a la digitalización industrial. Estadísticamente, la pandemia del Covid-19 ha generado un incremento notable ...

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