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    • 2021 August - info LACCEI 

      LACCEI (LACCEI, 2021)
      LEIRD2021 consists of a first-class multidisciplinary event in which researchers, educators, and professionals active in various aspects and roles in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development will be able ...
    • 2021 July - info LACCEI 

      LACCEI (LACCEI, 2021)
      The 19th version of the LACCEI 2021 MULTICONFERENCE culminated with resounding success, more than 440 attendees from more than 82 institutions from 27 countries around the world, 394 papers presented from the new Ágora ...
    • 2021 November - info LACCEI 

      LACCEI (LACCEI Inc., 2021-11)
      LEIRD 2021 is a first-level multidisciplinary event in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development. We are providing a stage to present and discuss innovations and latest trends, as well as challenges and proposed ...
    • 2021 September - info LACCEI 

      LACCEI (LACCEI Inc., 2021-12)
      Call for paper - Multiconference LACCEI 2022. Boca Raton - USA
    • 2021 September - info LACCEI 

      LACCEI (LACCEI Inc, 2021-09)
      The Student Chapters are an initiative of LACCEI, that had the support of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED). The student ...