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dc.contributor.authorRetto-Hernandez, Patricia
dc.contributor.authorRojas, Meliza Lindsay
dc.contributor.authorLescano, Leslie
dc.contributor.authorSánchez-González, Jesús
dc.contributor.authorLinares Luján, Guillermo
dc.description.abstractThe residues from agricultural and agroindustrial activities are not adequately valorised and at best they are destined for animal consumption or else they are inadequately disposed of. The objective of the present work was to present alternatives to valorise, estimate, report, and highlight the energy potential of second-generation bioethanol production using lignocellulosic waste from the most important crops in Peru. The biomass considered in this study was from the harvest and processing of sugarcane, rice, banana, yellow corn, oil palm and asparagus. It was determined that the annual lignocellulosic biomass availability is a mean of ~22 million tons, from which, 33.03% correspond to banana waste, 28.56% correspond to sugarcane waste. The potential of bioethanol production and energy generation was obtained using a theory conversion of cellulose, hemicellulose of each biomass. It was calculated 3.51 million tons of bioethanol/year, which total energy corresponds to 2.16 million toe/year with an electric energy potential of 8.81 GWh/year. This quantity could be enough to supply 9.11% and the total national energy demand and 0.02% of the electric energy demand, besides, it could help reduce in about 19.86% the CO2 emissions.en_US
dc.publisherLACCEI Inc.en_US
dc.rightsLACCEI License
dc.subjectlignocellulosic biomassen_US
dc.subjectagroindustrial cropsen_US
dc.subjectsecond-generation ethanolen_US
dc.subjectenergy potentialen_US
dc.titleLignocellulosic agroindustrial waste in Peru: potential for bioethanol, energy, and reduction of CO2 emission
dc.description.institutionUniversidad Nacional de Trujilloen
dc.description.trackEnergy, Water and Sustainable Engineeringen

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  • 2020 LACCEI - Virtual Edition
    The Eighteen LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Technology.

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